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DermaLearning: Education for Everyone

Lead Dermatologist: Dr. Maria Ivonne Arellano Mendoza & Dr. Marino Huanuco Perez
Project team members:
Affiliation: Hospital General de Mexico




The DERMALEARNING project aims to create a free and reliable source of information that can be reached by any medical student, anywhere, anytime.


Executive summary

Research has shown that most applicants to a dermatology program in Mexico are not sufficiently prepared to start their training. A report by Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara revealed that in the 28th medical residency national exam, applicants earned only an average test score of 32.7% in dermatology. Technology could help solve this problem. The DERMALEARNING project aims to create a reliable source of information that can be reached by any medical student, anywhere, anytime and free of charge.

The challenge

The average dermatology programme applicant’s low test score in dermatology is indeed a big challenge. Delivering training courses via an online channel also carries the challenge of being effective despite the absence of face-to-face interactions between learner and trainer.

Project overview

The team has begun to develop an online platform that was shown to be more effective than classroom instruction. The goal is to finish developing the online platform that will serve as an educational aid by providing digital content for teaching dermatology through online classes, instructional videos, and self-assessment tests. By using Moodle, a free tool for creating educational content, the learning platform will be available to every medical student or general practitioner anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The content will be provided by prominent dermatologists from all over Mexico who will donate their time and expertise to record lectures and create self-assessments. It is possible to improve dermatology education in Mexico by leveraging the power of technology, making dermatology education available to every student.

Success criteria and evaluation

Elements of measurement are:

  • The amount of online classes in dermatology by month and year.
  • Evaluation of students before and after the use of the DermaLearning platform in order to evaluate their success in dermatology learning.
  • Deployment of a satisfaction survey to students that used the platform, to evaluate the impact of the project.