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Why the Galderma SKINPACT Awards matter for the Dermatology Community?

Why the Galderma SKINPACT Awards matter for the Dermatology Community?

An interview with François Blanchette,

Ph.D.Medical Professional Relations Director, Galderma International S.A.S.




The SKINPACT Awards Editorial Committee

takes you on a behind-the-scenes interview with François Blanchette,

the Galderma lead for the SKINPACT Awards programme since 2016.





Why are you so passionate about the Galderma SKINPACT Awards?

I joined the healthcare industry to make a difference in patients’ lives.  This is what drives me.  In 2015, the concept behind the Galderma SKINPACT was born out of the same motivation to innovate in the way Galderma engages with the worldwide Dermatology Community.  The end result is a commitment to empower selected initiatives that have a measurable impact on patient informed unmet needs and benefits.




How important is the patient factor in the SKINPACT Awards?

The SKINPACT Awards aims to support a sustainable dermatology community by inspiring dermatologists, who are in daily contact with their patients, develop and implement solutions that address informed local skin health unmet needs.




Where do patients figure exactly in the SKINPACT Awards?

Patients and their needs figure at every step in the SKINPACT Awards!  In fact, the SKINPACT Awards were designed with the patients, their caregivers and the dermatology community in mind.  Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Call for projects from the Dermatology Community.

A call for projects is launched for dermatologists in a given geographical region (2015, worldwide; 2016, LatAm; 2017, Asia Pacific; 2018 North America and 2019, EMEA) to submit proposals which fall under the categories of ‘Community Leadership’ or ‘Excellence in Education’ covering areas such as patient support, access to care, and community education to name but a few.  All of the projects submitted were motivated by patient insight.

  • Step 2: Review of project submissions by an Expert Panel.

Renowned independent dermatology experts review and evaluate all complete project submissions. They also select the projects that will be receiving the Expert Choice Award in each category.

  • Step 3: Pre-selection of the 10 best entries.

The scoring criteria used by the expert panel pay special attention to the ability of a project leader to clearly demonstrate the skin health benefits to patients.  Concrete measures of success are an important part of the criteria.

  • Step 4: Online voting of the worldwide Dermatology Community.

For the Dermatology Community awards, voting is open to all healthcare professionals involved in dermatology.  This means that the people who will eventually choose the SKINPACT Awards winning projects are professionals who also have first-hand account of the patients’ skin health needs.

  • Step 5: Presentation of the awards to the four winning projects.

Whenever we present the awards to the leaders of the winning projects, the awards ceremonies are their opportunity to elaborate on their work’s direct or indirect benefits to patients.  Indeed, this is a heartwarming time when dermatologists tangibly show what they do beyond their clinics for patients who need their help  most.

  • Step 6: Follow-up on the progress of the winning projects.

In the spirit of making a difference, the SKINPACT Awards maintains contact with the project leaders to update the Dermatology Community on their progress via its website and social media.  It is an elegant way to share progress on best practices all over world.




The SKINPACT Awards is given to dermatology professionals, and not patients. In what way do patients win?

Patients are actually the real winners of the SKINPACT Awards.  The project leader of a winning project receives a trophy and the financial grant is given his/her affiliated and recognized medical organization to execute the project for the benefit of patient communities.  The SKINPACT Awards help expand or accelerate the outcomes of the winning projects.  This is a very important point regarding the SKINPACT Awards.




What do you find most impressive with the SKINPACT Awards?

I have to say that I’m quite impressed by the variety and the quality of the projects competing in the SKINPACT Awards.  There are many dermatologists who are going out of their way to develop initiatives that will ultimately result in better care for patients.  The SKINPACT Awards clearly benefits patients above all.  This is what makes us proud.

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