What are the Galderma SKINPACT Awards?

The SKINPACT Awards aim to inspire dermatologists and other doctors with an interest in dermatology, to develop and help implement voluntary projects that support a sustainable dermatology community.

The awards are sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Galderma who, for the 2016 SkinPact Awards Programme, was working in partnership with CILAD.

Grants will be awarded to support new projects, which fall under the categories of ‘Community Leadership’ and ‘Excellence in Education’. Project proposals can be led by medical associations, societies, institutions, academies, and other related healthcare organizations located in Asia Pacific and covering areas such as patient support, access to care, and community education.

How does it work?


An idea is sparked and a project proposal submitted

By Jury

Our international Expert Panel of dermatologists has the difficult task of shortlisting all of the proposals per region.


Shortlisted proposals are launched to the international community for voting; the result of which will contribute towards deciding who wins funding to help implement their project.


The 2017 will be awarded between June and December 2017.

The award categories

Learn more about the two award categories and the types of project proposals we’re looking for below.
Within each there are some “sample ideas.”  However these are in no way designed to limit or influence project submissions:

Community Leadership

Proposals for projects under this category should take a fresh and sustainable approach to improving the lives of patients with skin conditions, these could include:


  • Projects aimed at improving quality of life for patients, both physical and psychological (e.g. supporting patients in their daily lives, helping patients accept their conditions, advice on environmental factors and healthy living)
  • Projects aimed at facilitating public access to care (e.g. free screening, travelling doctors)
  • Initiatives leading to improved social integration for patients by improving self-esteem and reducing stigma (e.g. behaviour therapy, activities encouraging socialising)

Excellence in Education

Proposals for projects under this category should be aimed at educating healthcare and public communities about skin health issues in a sustainable manner, these could include:


  • Initiatives providing education for patients and their support network (e.g. patient/family information workshops)
  • Awareness initiatives or projects promoting dermatology information to the general public and empowering them to seek help (e.g. screening / information campaigns)
  • Activities leading to an improvement in dermatology teaching and knowledge dissemination (e.g. dermatology training of healthcare workers, nurses, doctors who are not specialised in dermatology, dermatology residents and other health professionals) with a view to improving patient care

Eligibility Criteria

All proposals must:

– Be voluntary initiatives that will demonstrate a real benefit to the skin health community
– Be a currently ongoing project or a new project idea ready to start in 2017-2018
– Be implementable by the team proposing the project
– Include quantifiable measures of success
– Include a project leader who is a qualified dermatology health care professional or scientist

Projects providing benefits to patients by virtue of a medical treatment will not be considered.
For more information please read the full Terms and Conditions


The project proposals will be shortlisted by experts in dermatology and then voted upon by the international dermatology community via the Galderma SkinPact website.

How am I assessed?

The Expert Panel will be looking for, but are not limited to, the following aspects of a project proposal:

The potential of the project to:

  • The potential to improve the lives of patients with skin health problems (Community Leadership category), or
  • The potential to educate healthcare communities about skin health issues (Excellence in Education category)
  • The relevance and suitability to the category and target audience
  • The project idea – how thought out, feasible and original / innovative it is
  • The need for such a project in the skin health community and the impact/benefit it could have
  • The reach of the project
  • The sustainability of the project
  • The plans for evaluation
  • The experience of the team

Meet the Expert Panel

The Expert Panel are a group of internationally renowned and independent expert dermatologists from across the globe who will play the important role of shortlisting the proposals.


Further details about the Expert Panel members are available here.