2015 Finalists

The skin may be different. The feelings are the same.

In our ambulatories, we are faced with stories rooted by prejudice, ignorance. Aiming to destigmatize dermatological diseases, seize the community of knowledge and reduce the feeling of exclusion and worthlessness of patients, we will work in the media – websites, billboards, television, radio – to explain about skin diseases. The campaign focuses on meeting people living with psoriasis, erythroderma, acne and vitiligo with people without skin diseases, but demonstrating the same feelings: love, affection, happiness and sadness. To assess the impact of the intervention, we will use the Dermatology Life Quality Index before and six months after the beginning of the campaigns.

Pilot “bed-to-bench and back” research training program for dermatologists

The vast majority of Dermatology teaching programs do not include basic science training. Even most of the European PhD programs for clinicians in Dermatology are designed towards clinical research projects. Not fully understanding the cellular and molecular basis of skin disorders can severely hinder the development of new effective treatments. The aim of this project is to establish a Pilot “Bed-to-bench research and back” training program for doctors with an interest in dermatology including dermatology residents. Teaching basic laboratory techniques and their applications to dermatology research, with both online lectures and practical sessions, will be the focus of this project.

Online teaching platform to increase dermatology knowledge and clinical reasoning in medical students and family physicians.

Dermatology training is lacking in medical school and family medicine residency at University of Montreal. There is also a lack of resources to learn about skin disorders. Using the script concordance test theory, our project will create an online bank of questions around key dermatological concepts in order to enhance dermatological knowledge and develop clinical reasoning among medical students and family physicians.

My SkinBook

Revolutionary and unprecedented software for future dermatological practice and public education: The first App to reduce the risk of unexpected events during clinical follow-ups! The first App to enhance the dermatologist-patient relationship and satisfaction! The first App to utilize smart phones and tablets as useful media for skin condition recording! The first App to track and follow your skin status in a photo-based, time-line-framed diary! The first App to share summarized information including photos and descriptions with your doctors! The first App to remind patients and the public of customized skincare and health information proactively!

Kashmir Vitiligo Foundation for helping the community in tackling vitiligo more effectively and in a healthy fashion

The project involves setting up of a ‘vitiligo foundation’ in Kashmir valley that will work on following fronts 1. Helping vitiligo patients and their care-givers in tackling the disease—by organizing camps where patients and care-takers share their experiences; by providing free phototherapy facilities in all major towns and free vitiligo grafting facilities for needy cases 2. Demystifying vitiligo and clearing age-old myths in the society regarding it- by organizing events and school camps; by providing education about the harmless and non-infective nature of the disease; clearing doubts about its correlation with diet etc 3. Doing community-level clinical research in the field of vitiligo.

Investigation of Sunscreens and Their Efficacy in Patients with Lupus Erythematosus (LE)

Ultraviolet light is an important factor in the pathogenesis of LE. Recent studies demonstrated that sunscreens prevent the induction of disease activity; therefore, sunscreens are a safe and cost-effective preventive option for all patients with the disease, but data-based recommendations on the frequency of application and the type of sunscreen are not yet available. By the means of the existing EUSCLE register of more than 1000 LE patients and a remote data-entry and -management system, we aim to collect data in a pan-European observational study, including parameters, e.g. type of sunscreen and its efficacy in the prevention of skin manifestations.

Black is Beautiful

With the rise of the middle class in the last decade in Tanzania and a greater amount of disposable income available, there has been a rise in the number of people coming into my clinic and wanting to achieve a lighter skin tone. People will go to any length and are willing to pay whatever the cost to obtain a lighter and whiter skin. I have seen many young women with disfiguring facial and body scars as a result of using home made skin lightening creams sold to them by local beauty salons. I would like to target students in high schools and colleges in Dar-es-Salaam by running an educational campaign to promote natural skin colour (Black is Beautiful) and highlight the dangers of using unlabelled home made bleaches and other harsh creams.

Assessing Barriers to Melanoma Screening Examinations for At-Risk Individuals at a County Hospital

When patients receive genetic counseling and testing, they are given medical recommendations regarding their test results. If an individual tests positive for a mutation in BRCA1/2, they are at higher risk to develop cancer, including melanoma. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends that BRCA1/2+ patients receive annual dermatology examinations to perform early detection of melanoma. Underserved populations often have difficulty receiving medical care due to social and economic barriers. This study aims to explore these barriers by surveying individuals at a county hospital who have BRCA1/2 mutations about their health behaviors regarding dermatology examinations.

An instant, Audio-Assisted Secretary for Patients and Physicians-EB as a example

Although we live in the era of information, a lot of time people still do not have instant access to user-oriented, organized and adequate medical knowledge. Furthermore, an one-click-away platform that provides patients, physicians and patients family to interact, communicate, monitor, and remind to enhance comprehensive physical and mental health is still remained to be desired. iAIDigent, a mobile app that provides instant, audio-assisted e-secretary for bridging patients and physicians. It has access to user-oriented information, audio-assisted and therefore with minimal technical-barrier, facilitates patients/physician interaction, provides notifications to enhance compliances, and unite patients together to provide social support.

A Sun protection tale as a method to create healthy behaviors in Latin children

Learning processes during childhood are known for leaving a mark in children that remain for all their life. Therefore, to strengthen learning processes it is necessary to make them pleasing and fun. With this in mind, and knowing that ultraviolet radiation is an important risk factor for developing skin cancer, it is worth trying to create consciousness and generate sun-protection behaviors since childhood, with the goal of making long-lasting habits. The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of a newly designed tale about sun-protection behaviors in kids of elementary school in Colombia