As this year focuses on Latin America, you would find it noteworthy that our panel of judges themselves are driving forces of initatives in the region.

Jorge Ocampo Candiani, MD

President, CILAD (Colegio Ibero-latinoamericano de Dermatologia)

Dr. Jorge Ocampo is a leading dermatologist in Mexico.
His areas of interest have led him to conduct studies on autoimmune skin diseases and dermatological surgery.
In his long career he has given over 600 lectures and participated in 300 continuing education courses.
Dr. Ocampo is a befitting ambassador and judge of excellence in initiatives for the community and also in education.


Patricia Chang , MD
Director of Medical Education, CILAD

Excellence in education is one of Dr Chang’s passions in dermatology. It is also a main subject of her initiatives. This can be seen in over 240 articles that she has written in various dermatology journals and magazines. She has also authored more than 7 educational DVDs and has co-authored an atlas. Ideas and productions for educational purposes are signature activities of Dr. Chang.



Silvio Alencar Marques, MD

Universidade Estadual Paulista

When Professor Silvio Alencar Marques assumed co-director status at the Department of Dermatology and Radiotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu UNESP, he gave the assessment that the Department already offered good education and care services, but he has committed to help further advance the quality of these offerings of the institution. He particularly cited new obligations and needs, especially those which concerned cancer patients. Since then, he has led the department in furthering its research activities.


Margarita Larralde de Luna, MD

La Revista Latinoamericana de Dermatología Pediátrica

Dr. Larralde is an active advocate of ‘‘communication in the service of dermatology. ’’As such, her various initiatives along this theme can be seen in her leadership role in the Latin American Journal of Pediatric Dermatology. The directions that she and her co-leader Dr. Boggio have taken are to disseminate information on scientific advancements and to foster exchanges amongst scientific experts in the Latin American region. Dr. Larralde is a firm believer that communicating on the scientific advancements in dermatology are crucial to advancing treatment methods.