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If this is your first time to apply to the SKINPACT AWARDS, you may want to see and download a sample submission form.

See a sample submission form

latinamericaThe 2016 SkinPact Awards is open to submissions from this programme’s focus region, Latin America. Dermatologists worldwide are invited to vote for the finalist projects which would be pre-selected by the Expert Panel.


For eligible candidates, click here to login or submit an entry

Preparing your entry

  1. Eligibility criteria: The first step of the online application is to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria. If you do not fulfil all of the criteria then unfortunately you will not be able to apply for a Galderma SKINPACT award.
  2. About your project: To help the Expert Panel accurately review your proposal and allow the community to know who best to vote for, we need you to provide some basic information about your project. We’ll ask you for your title (100 characters), executive summary (100 words), start date and length. It’s a good idea to remember that voters will view this to help them decide whether they want to vote for your project, so make it as interesting and as easy-to-understand as possible.
  3. How will the project work: Here you have up to 250 words to highlight the need for your project, 500 words within which to outline your project and 250 words to explain how you will evaluate success. While that might seem like a lot, you should choose your words carefully!
  4. Tell us about you: We want the Expert Panel to be confident that you have the ability to perform your proposed project in the manner you have specified. You must also provide information about your team members so that the Expert Panel knows that they’re capable of fulfilling the scope of the project. To really show off your expertise, you have the option to upload supporting documents for the Expert Panel to see.
  5. Submit: You will have a chance to review your proposal page before your final submission. Be careful though because once you submit you will not be able to change your proposal! To submit you must also agree to some SkinPact Awards terms and conditions. Following submission of your project we will send you an email to confirm receipt.

Entry checklist

  • Have you written your application in English, Spanish or Portuguese?
  • Have you included plans for evaluation?
  • Have you showed how your project is sustainable?
  • Have you checked the eligibility criteria?
  • Have you read the terms and conditions?
  • Have you checked your proposal against the assessment criteria?
  • Have you checked you are within the word count limits?

Eligibility criteria

To be able to submit a project idea for a Galderma SKINPACT award, you must confirm that you meet all of the criteria listed below. Please read the list carefully to ensure that your proposal is eligible for entry. Your project idea must:

  • Be voluntary initiatives that will demonstrate a real benefit to the skin health community
  • Be a currently ongoing project or a new project idea ready to start in 2017
  • Be implementable by the team proposing the project
  • Include quantifiable measures of success
  • Include a project leader who is a qualified dermatology health care professional or scientist